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Virtual World Currencies TM (TERRA-MARK) and TUM (_EN_ _EAC-XTMBAA )

Virtual World Currencies TM (TERRA-MARK) and TUM (_EN_ _EAC-XTMBAA )

Virtual World Currencies (_EN_ _EAC-XTMBAA )

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Virtual currencies: List:

This document shows the status of a project. Why now?

After years of some occasional preparation of this project it is intended now for rapid completion. Why now? - In these years there is a rapid increase of international economic exchange: Products, services, cultural concepts.

We still have single nations, states, economic spaces and currencies, while the real citizens' world is rapidly becoming a unique planetary civilization. This increases the need to enable business and consumer interaction without being disturbed by currency rates and financial speculation and by the intelligence level of politicians. Think of the damage caused for the ideal of European cooperation, a damage due to the too low average economic intelligence level of politicians and the too high level of financial speculation and lobbying. 30 million people or more already lost their job due to this. Millions lost their homes due to this. Millions of small business experienced bankruptcy due to this.

The concept of virtual currencies is a solution to avoid such problems. But it is a complex approach. All aspects of economic theory are involved. Corresponding solutions have been prepared over the years and have permanently been checked how they have to be adapted to real world events during these years. Now the concept is mature for realization.

Do not confound with Bitcoins, offshore money traffic systems and other problem subjects.

This is a scientific approach to better balance the exchange rate problem and the problem of inflation / deflation for contracts and intention agreements. There are no bank notes and no coins and there is no market place with customer accounts for money transfer. Read more about this in the second text part. (You have to log-in as a reader for this.)

Meaning of these virtual currencies?

These virtual currencies want to reduce in a significant manner the problem of the permanent volatile behavior of exchange rates between currencies. This is helpful for the following frequent task:

Let us suppose that there are two businesses or two individuals, trading or living in different currency spaces - for example China, the European Union or the US or Canada or Russia. If they make a sales or service or life insurance or loan contract or any other type of agreement involving future payments, they will have a problem. When payments are due, the currency exchange rates might have changed. The payment obligation might be increased or reduced with 30 percent or even more.

For major obligations - like loans for personally owned real estate - this effect frequently results in bankruptcy. Many companies, even major companies, experienced for such reasons bankruptcy, too, or went out of business. This was even the case for various banks.

There are already now means how to reduce such risks. But this costs significant fees. In addition, it requires high level qualification of a participating bank partner. The fact that even banks had several times been wiped out by these effects, this proves that you should not expect reliable help just by asking your bank.

"Can I get the calculation formulas for the virtual currencies?"

Only the calculation formula for TUM is public because easily to apply.
The calculation formulas of the other virtual currencies are only communicated in a comprehensible verbal manner. - Read more about the reasons in the main document here below. (This requires to be logged in.)

Detailed explanation: See the following long document about:

"Can I get the calculation formulas?"
Backwards time lines: back to 1900 or 2000 - why not to the Roman empire?
Legal aspects of virtual currencies.
Economic theory of "true" stable currencies.



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