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TMP - virtual currency unit: World currencies / participation value (_EN_ _EAC-XTMPAA )

TMP - virtual currency unit: World currencies / participation value (_EN_ _EAC-XTMPAA )

TMP Participation Value virtual currency unit (_EN_ _EAC-XTMPAA )

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General concept and explanation :

List: Virtual world currency definitions (TERRA UNIKA, NGO) _EN_ _DE_ _FR_

These virtual currencies reduce in a significant manner the problem of the permanent volatile behavior of exchange rates between currencies.
The page above includes the listing of the several types of virtual world currencies prepared on this site. Each type has very specific characteristics. Please go there to read also about all other general aspects.

TMP is one of these types. 1 TMP = USD ??? = ??? EUR

It is the best choice for agreements about financial obligations which should grow conforming to the general income level in a country. It is helpful for agreements about pension plans, retirement schemes, selling a property or a running business for yearly instalments, court rulings about lifetime damage compensation.

How to obtain the current and past values of this virtual currency?

It would be helpful to have the values (the prices in USD and EUR) of this virtual currency unit for the years and months since at least 2000.
Such an "official" time line will be made available here below as soon as we get some financial funding for publishing this result of much involved work. As long as this is not the case, you will find here below some solutions how to reduce in the meantime the described problems.

Funding suggestions please to:
Please omit the inserted "__". This was just inserted to protect this address from spam effects.

How to get already now the preliminary monthly "official" rates of all the virtual currencies?
This is mainly useful for institutional investors, banks, international legal consultants. A subscription to the INFOS7 VIRTCUR preliminary service for virtual world currencies costs: 1000 USD / 950 Euro per month.
Requests to the same mail address here above.

_EN_ Detailed explanation: See the following long text.
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_FR_ Explication détaillée: Voir le long texte ci-dessous.

See the following text for:
How far will the calculation formula be published?
Why and how to use it for agreements, contracts, planning?
(Not yet. Planned for later: Get for free: The weekly or monthly rating within the weekly newsletter of members.)