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Who can become an author of ? (_EN_ _PPN _)

img: creation The write authorisation on can only be obtained by invitation.

Only experts for a specific knowledge domain can be invited. It should always be the highest level of knowledge.

At present: The content coordinator (Pedro Rosso) decides personally about the invitation of authors for the 9 languages listed in the page menus. Other languages are at present not included. The priority is initially for winning authors for English, German, French. But authors for the next language group can also already supply contributions: Spanish, Portuguese, Russian.
Only Chinese, Japanese and Arabic will not yet be actively promoted at this point of time.
Probably in the long run the registered authors of will make majority decisions about new author invitations.

Every expert for some subject can suggest to be perhaps invited. Mail to: ok @
Internet links to text samples should be included.

 img: Mueller-Armack Criteria for becoming an author of

Please be prepared to get the answer no if the text samples are not of scientific abstract level for the specific domain.
The answer will typically be yes for persons who completed studies of university level in fhe fields of economic theory, health, law, physics, biology and other degrees which as such require proof of abstract analysis.

For sociology, politology, education: Only high level abstract analysis is wanted. (Not epic feuilleton style. Not ideology. Not utopias. Not conspiracy paranoia. Not opinion text of short time value related to current political dispute subjects.)

In addition, authors should like to write related to their professional knowledge in a way which is comprehensible for non-specialists. is not for scientific publications targeted to scientists.

No payment.

Instead, authors can insert information about own sites or activity or business. Use for commercial and financial purposes is expressively authorized. The condition is that the main text has to be general high level knowledge. Appended own marketing is an efficient and wanted compensation for the authors.

Only the admitted authors can add comments to pages from other authors.

Only the site administration can also modifiy the main text. It is intended to do this only in case of legal requirements. Due to the qualification of the invited authors, the best would be that this will never happen.

 img: dog Copyright:

A text published on this site does not become public domain. The author continues to be the copyright holder. This site gets a distribution right (to distribute for free or for small fees). This distribution right can be cancelled within a period of 12 months.

Anyway the author can wipe out all past text input at any point of time by using the re-edit feature. The 12-month-period is only important if an author benefitted in an agreed manner from special promotion of his content.

This copyright clause means that others can not re-publish the content without the expressive consent by the author. - Use of text parts: The authors have to tolerate free re-use within the usual legal limits of ditations / quottions.

If a complete text is re-used without authorisation, or major parts, lawyer fees can only apply if first reminders free of fee were without success or if it is an intentional copyright violation for a variety of documents.

Photos: (1) By Michelangelo (1475-1564): "The creation of man by God". Manual pixel design. Publ.domain. Photo Zeonodot V.mbH, 2002 2005 GNU Free Doc.Lic.
(2) Professor Müller-Armack, Konzept "Soziale Marktwirdschaft": Bundesarchiv via Wikimedia Commons.
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